Environmental Policy

Our packaging

We ship our orders with as minimal packaging as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. We all have a part to play in reducing single-use plastics and cleaning up our oceans, which is why we package our hats in beautiful reusable velvet pouches rather than unnecessary plastic and send them in compostable mailing bags. We also do not send paper invoices, everything is electronic and we simply send a QR code on a small card with all the information you might need such as Care Instructions and Returns.

The mailing bags are made in Cheshire from plant starch bio-resin that naturally breaks down over time and is fully compostable as per EN 13432 standards. Designed with a double glue line seal to encourage re-use, they are the perfect plastic packaging alternative.

Our mini Thank You cards are printed by an FSC certified UK printing company, committed to reducing environmental impact and using responsibly forested paper. 




Products certified to be industrially compostable according to the European standard EN 13432/14955 may bear the 'seedling' logo.

Never place compostable plastic into the recycling with other plastics; as it is designed to break down it cannot be recycled and contaminates recyclable plastics. Plastics that carry this symbol can be recycled with your garden waste through your local authority. 

Seedling symbol - found on items that are compostable

Home composting

In addition to the seedling symbol for industrial composting, you may see this one which means that it is suitable to be home composted.

Vinçotte OK Compost HOME logo


No compost bin? Check out www.recyclenow.com for information from your local authority (UK). 


Our Labels

Our satin and fabric labels are printed in London using a water-free manufacturing process and eco-friendly inks, although we prefer customers to refer to our online Care Instructions to avoid the over-use of labels and tags, which is linked from a QR code included in every order. 


Our Hats

Slow fashion & small stock batches

The purpose of our brand is to provide hats and accessories that are wearable year after year. You won't see endless styles produced, just essential staples for your wardrobe. While we will release new collections each season, there won't be lots of stock, and some of our limited edition hats are completely one-off too, so once it's gone, it's gone!


No Fur Policy

The majority of our hats are vegan friendly made with man-made fabrics and faux-fur. We will NEVER use real fur on our pom poms and support the campaign against the use of fur in fashion. Although we are a fashion brand rather than a hiking or skiwear brand, synthetic fur is perfectly suitable for keeping warm in most climates, and we think fur looks much better on the animal!

Where we have used wool in our berets or other materials of animal origin, this is clearly noted on the product description, and we are always looking to make our full collection 100% vegan. Shop our Vegan Friendly Hats.


All of our hats are hand-finished and packed from our HQ in Bedfordshire, UK.


If you have any further questions or comments about our environmental policy, please Contact Us